Boaz Gur-Lavie, Founder & CFO, MDClone
“The New data Paradigm & the new world of synthetic data”

Brendan Bouffler, Global lead R&D, Amazon Web Services
“Biomedicine in the Cloud: Security, Compliance & Innovation: choose all of the above”

Dorit Dekel, Product manager, Data2Life
“Real World Evidence – The Holistic Approach and the Practice”

Evangelos Eleftheriou, Department head, Cloud and Computing Infrastructure, IBM Research – Zurich
“Neuromorphic Computing based on Phase-Change-Memory Devices”

Jennifer Stoddart,Visiting Researcher, Centre for genomics an Policy, McGill University
“Privacy and evolving norms for using personal information”

Justus Wolff, Manager for Strategy and M&A, Syte Capital
“Investments in Big Data and AI” 

Lydia Makaroff, Director, European Cancer Patient Coalition
“Empowering patients as data owners and partners for research and innovation”

Martin Van Vliet, EVP Bioinformatics and Product Development, SkylineDx BV
“Prognostic and Predictive Signatures in Oncology: Bridging from Bench to Bedside”

MIchèle Weber, Programme Manager and Science Communicator, Luxembourg National Reserach Fund (FNR)
“Funding Opportunities”

Noam Shomron, Co-founder and CSO, Variantyx
“Variantyx’s scope for cancer-related variations”

Reinhard Schneider, Principal Investigator, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
“Heterogeneous data integration and visualization though several dimensions”

Shahid Hanif, Head of health Data & Outcomes, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
“BD4BO and ROADMAP: a collaborative approach to set new standards for the collation and evaluation of RWE in Alzheimer’s Disease”

Sami Abu-el-haija, Machine Perception Group, Google Research
“Human-Machine collaboration for Human Health”

Viktor Jirsa, Director, Inserm Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes
“Translational Neuroscience: from network modeling to individual patient prediction”

Time left to catch the Early Bird offer!

Time left to catch the Early Bird offer!

Time left to catch the Early Bird offer!

Time left to catch the Early Bird offer!